Temporary Hold

August 23rd, 2011

Macchina is on a temporary hold until after SPX (Small press expo) September 10-11! I am working on a 15 page prologue to a comic (Kindling) that I will be printing for the convention. It is a PAID comic project, so it kind of takes precedence over Macchina! I’m sorry guys..!! ;____; I have 5 double page spreads left to pencil (10 pages), and then ink the whole 15 page project, with about 17 days until the convention!


4 Responses to “Temporary Hold”

  1. Kantia Says:

    Sounds awesome! Good luck with all that work. Sounds overwhelming. o.o

  2. Stepho Says:

    Good luck! I’ll be waiting patiently till then! <3

  3. Ven Says:

    Good luck!
    If we’re not actually at the convention, will there be any way to purchase the comic? The whole project sounds pretty interesting.

  4. dechanique Says:

    Thanks everyone!! YES! I have back to back conventions (SPX and Intervention the following weekend). If any books are left, I will put them up in my store (link at the top of this page). Kindling WILL be an online comic (the writer is working on the domain) so it will be available online as well. :3

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