RE: Update Schedule and Upcoming Releases/Conventions

May 22nd, 2011

Update Schedule
Macchina is updated on average every 10 days. I’m trying to pick up the pace on this, to get it down to a solid once or twice a week, but as of right now it’s proving unlikely. I post progress images on my Tumblr, or keep up with my Twitter or watch me (or the Macchina community) on DeviantArt for notifications of when I update.

Upcoming Releases
I’ve signed a contract to draw the prologue to what might be a steady, long-term comic project. The project is called Kindling, and it is post-apocalyptic and written by a writer I very much admire (my old ST from the Exalted game before he moved to Chicago, Jason). The thumbnails and roughs for the first 10 pages can be found on Deviantart as well as on Tumblr. It is 15 pages, full color, and will hopefully be completed and printed for Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, Sept 10-11.

I will also be (fingers crossed) getting the Chapter 7 lineart to Tifany to flat, and have a Chapter 7 book (in color) for SPX as well, but I’m not sure if I can pull off two new books for one convention. It might have to wait until Nekocon.

Upcoming Conventions

I will have tables at:
-Otakon: Baltimore, MD
July 29-31
-Small Press Expo: Bethesda, MD
September 10-11
-Intervention: Bethesda, MD
September 16-18

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  1. chikao Says:

    WHOAH! I just noticed he has pointy ears!!! He’s Calanthian?????

  2. dechanique Says:

    I assume you’re talking about the commander?? He’s 1/4 Calanthian

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