April 1st, 2011


The first two pages of Chapter 8.

Next update is another double page spread, should be posted around Thursday! I will be at MoCCA April 9-10th, table L20, and at the Drink and Draw Like a Lady that Friday night, unless i get hopelessly lost on either the drive from DC or the subsequent subway ride from my uncle’s in Brooklyn XD

4 Responses to “08_01-02”

  1. Kim Says:

    THAT is an amazing landscape :)

  2. Jack Knights Says:

    I love how much detail you cram into your art, it’s simply amazing :D Also, who’s narrating?

  3. limecustard Says:

    yaay! new pages! I’m looking forward to the new chapter!

  4. limecustard Says:

    yaaay new pages! I’m excited for the next chapter!

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